A Decentralized Autonomous Nation


A Decentralized Autonomous Accelerator


A tool for leveraging a decentralized workforce

bPollinator allows for workflows to be tokenized, using concepts of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to bring together a workforce around an individual's (or company's) needs while starting a company, creating a product, or providing services.


Areas of Practice

startup accelerator

bPollinator can be licensed as a tool within a startup accelerator or incubator, providing quick access to the support network for people who are newly admitted.

community forum

bPollinator can be used for market research, leveraging a decentralized group of product users in order to obtain feedback.

consulting agency

bPollinator can be licensed by a consulting agency, adding workflows for each project and leveraging an the entire community within the firm to complete projects.

Marketing & ad agency

bPollinator can be used within a marketing or advertising agency, pulling together a group of workers to complete a set of tasks for a campaign.

Development shop

bPollinator can be used within a development shop, pulling together a team of engineers to work on different parts of projects that a company may need help completing.

audits & accounting

bPollinator can be used within an audit and accounting agency, leveraging a decentralized group of workers to complete assigned tasks.


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